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love away lyrics

Produced by Walter Zooi
Recorded and Mixed by Walter Zooi at Zero Sum Recording
Additional Mixing by Jeff Peters at The Pie
Mastered by Adam Samuels
Cover Photo: Harry Gruyaert, Magnum Photos
Inside Photos: Laura Heffington
All songs written by Chris Hickey (work-fire songs, ASCAP)
except “Monkey” written by Joe Henry (True North Music,
Lemz Music, WB Music Corp., ASCAP)
©2014 Work-fire Recordings. All rights reserved.

1 let me just straighten up a few things
2 waltzing to clinging to you
3 maya's day off
4 hospital
5 same train
6 down the turmoil
7 eye
8 broken
9 monkey
10 toss up
11 grapes from a thorn
12 see
13 i could live
14 so little time

Chris Hickey: vocals, guitar
Walter Zooi: guitars, bass, trumpet, keyboard, zither, yayli tambor
Alison Chesley: cello (3,5,9,10)
Charlie Hickey: vocals (7)
Sally Dworsky: vocals (6,11,12,14)
Rachel Ware Zooi: vocals (11), bass (5)
Anne McCue: vocals (5, 13)
Jay Bellerose: drums (2, 4)
Chris Garcia: drums (6, 7, 11, 12)
Jennifer Condos: bass (2, 4)
Dylan McKenzie: guitar (4)
David Greiman: piano (6, 12)
Max Zooi: bass clarinet, soprano saxophone (11)
Matt Rubin: trumpet (3, 10, 11)
Eric Patterson: clarinet, tenor saxophone (3, 10, 11)
Bill Plake: tenor saxophone (3, 10, 11)
Noah Levine: spoken (8) from a dharma talk at
Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society in Los Angeles, CA

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